March 2, 2010


I recently had a brief chat with the humorous ex-Hiss and current Barreracudas front man - Adrian Anthony Barrera.Here's what he had to say...

OC: What is a Barreracuda?Do you need a special license to catch one?

AB: You wouldn't want to catch one, but if you were stupid enough to try, a simple writ of Habeas Corpus would suffice. People think this is a game. It's not.

OC: I'm no angler,so I'll take your word for it..I read once that you consider yourself a "Karl Marxist",do you care to explain?

AB: The Marx Brothers are big musical heroes for us. Not just Karl, Richard too. Don't believe anything you only read once. I, myself, have read and reread all of your questions exhaustively. Do you know Abraxas?

OC: Abraxas?Sure,that was the one with "Black Magic Woman" on it? So do you own any pets?
If so,tell us about them.

AB: The unique demands of my lifestyle don't allow me much time to take a wife, but I'm still looking for that special someone. Not in the sex clubs anymore, but I'm still looking. I would also like to meet that old guy that turned blue from ingesting too much silver. I bet he's got some crazy stories!

OC: That man is an amazing creature/abomination for sure..Let's talk a little about Atlanta's current BBQ scene.Who are some up and
comers worth mentioning?

AB: Atlanta is renowned for its Big Black Queens, and the newest ones on the scene don't disappoint! LaGrande is making a lot of waves. (No pun intended!) Miz Harrison is another up and comer to look out for. Lady Gangbang is probably the most poised and elegant of all the newcomers.

OC: I will have to look into that.Is there anyone out there you'd like to dedicate this interview to?

AB: Abraxas + Billy Mays (RIP)

OC: Thanks for chatting with us.

*The Barreracudas "New York Honeys" and "Dog Food" seven inches and shirts,are available from the band here:

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