May 16, 2008

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*While it's still fresh in my mind..We have for you a video by an excellent newer band,BAD DUDES.A few of these bad dudes were in a band called MIRACLE CHOSUKE a few years back.I remember them having an lp on Steve Aoki's DIM MAK label,and it having this kind of lo-fi rock,prog,whatever-wave thing going on.Short blasts of moogs,sharp guitar treble,and some damn catchy tunes! BAD DUDES are kind of a refined version of M.C.,with a full,more polished sound,longer songs,and a bit more on the progressive tip.Nice stuff,if you ask me..
from the RETARD DISCO site..."L.A.'s premier spazztastic party-prog quintet.This band is so good, it's ridiculous they're not followed by paparazzi 24/7 or on the cover of Kerrang! every single month.Analogy alert: Bad Dudes sound like surfers(from the future)and new-wave punks(from the past)playing a broken Nintendo(the 8-bit kind)at a raver party.And everyone forgot their ritalin."
-Prefix Magazine

Fuck the bullshit,here it is.."EAT DRUGS" from the album,umm..uuh.."EAT DRUGS".crank it up!

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