June 13, 2008

Aa is certainly one of my favorite "avant-experimental-whatever wave" = RADICAL acts right now.My first spin of their self-titled LP ,about a year ago,pretty much turned me into an obsessive teenager within 30 minutes or so..a serious boner..they've put out an equally impressive(if not better?)LP since then,called gAame.It's totally amazing.Catchy vocal/synth hooks,minimal low end gurgles,over top a "tribal-ish"?? brooding, 3-man drum assault.Some seriously ace,layered drum patterns here.I'm sure this type of review has been abused over and over on the interweb,since it's release..but I listened to it an hour ago,and I just forgot how wesome this band is.
Do yourself a favor,and search high and low for
Aa- "gAame".The LP also comes with a dvd,full of artsy fartsy videos(made by the band/pals) from the album,ala "Liars -drum's not dead"-style.Overall,a very intense/pleasant experience.
Here's a video for "Thirteen" from the lp,

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