June 19, 2008


Released in 1998, A New Music For A New Kitchen is a criminally underrated album. The Cranium and their label, Slowdime, slowly faded away, with two the members moving on to form Centuries,and finally the wonderful,free spirited,Gang Gang Dance..It seems the band, in general, had absolutely terrible timing,as far as these types of records go.Because they are selling like hotcakes these days..If this album was released tomorrow, it would accumulate countless numbers of listeners, with the current art/music scene becoming about as strong as the No Wave scene of the late 70s/early 80s,and maybe the overalls-with-1-strap-down/Cross-Colors fad of the early 90's? Yea,that strong.
Although describing their sound is pretty difficult, imagine if an early-90s Boredoms had to collaborate with a mid-90s Modest Mouse(or other mid-late 90's Up/K/Slowdime label crooners),and created an album with song structures you might hear on early Dillinger EscapePlan albums like Calculating Infinity, with heavy free jazz
influence,and booting the "crossover metal"chugging/noodling/etc..Like it's core members' past,present(& most likely future)projects,this band defies any musical genre or movement,from it's time period.It's music that is and will be hated by many and loved by few,but those few understand the purpose and possibilities of this music,they will hear many reference points/similarities to newer bands they dig,and are probably on some sort of drugs (uppers?) - dan..I can't sress just how important and mind altering this album is to me,and maybe even lots of others by now.It really opened my eyes to challenging,smart,fucked up music.Thank you Cranium.
If you dig this album:
Cranium/Make Up - split 7"
Gang Gang Dance
-god's money lp, hilluah-live cd, retina riddim cd/dvd, rawwar-cdep


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