July 31, 2008

EXTRA LIFE(in duo form) LIVE!!

Extra Life live set- 2 mystery songs & 3 others that have been re-imagined and re-worked by Charlie Looker(gtr,vox) & Caley Monahon-Ward(violin) off of their 7 song cd/lp: Secular Works.(cd on Planaria//vinyl on I & Ear).If you haven't picked up on this yet(see previous posts on them),you are missing out on something absolutely wonderful..and as their first "proper release",this can only get more interesting.It's great to have something like this to look forward to.
I don't think i've been this geeked about a group,since Don Caballero aka: the Damon Che band..got back together!(and ultimately failed to deliver something even slightly relevant)..
This is honestly,the most accomplished,technical,unique, and compelling piece of art I have been exposed to in years.Keep an ear out for a split 12" with Nat Baldwin,next month on the Shatter Your Leaves label..A few of these live jams will be on that..enjoy!

1.totally epic mystery song..(sorry?!)

2.i'll burn (from LP,re-worked)

3.the refrain (from LP,reworked)

4.black hoodie (from split w/nat baldwin)

5.blackmail blues (from LP,reworked)

*A bonus! because you've been good.(from a prev. post...but unspeakable replay value!)
6.run cold/pay up (full band,previously unreleased)

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