September 24, 2008


Summer is officially over,and it looks like this might be the coldest winter ever,for us.I miss my Dad.15 things to help pass the dark times ahead of us.

1. KAYO DOT "Blue Lambency Downward" (Hydrahead)
2.BEIRUT "Lon Gisland" (Merge)
3.BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW "Drippers" (Advance)
4.PIT ER PAT "High Time" (Thrill Jockey)
5.EXTRA LIFE & NAT BALDWIN "A split 12inch" (S.Y.R.)
6.WILDILDLIFE "Six" (advance)
7.WOODS "Woods Family Creeps" (Woodsist)
9.DON CABALLERO "Punkgasm" (Relapse)
10.MAPS and ATLASES "You and Me and the Mountain" (Flameshovel?)
11.EXTRA LIFE "Secular Works" (I and Ear)
12.THE DEAD SCIENCE "Villainaire" (Kranky)
13.MENEGUAR "The In Hour" (Fuck It Tapes)
14.STEVE REICH "Drumming" (Water)
15.BRAIN ENO & DAVID BYRNE "Everything that happends will hapen today"
Love 'em or leave 'em...this stuff is doing me well,very well.
xo M.O.

ps- (nerd alert) I picked up the WATCHMEN novel,for the first time in like 15 years..still so amazing.I can't wait to see the film in March! (nerd alert)

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