October 4, 2008

READ V for Vendetta..WATCH V for Vendetta..WASTE OTHERS' TIME BLOGGING about it too!

I somehow avoided,or perhaps just forgot about reading it,for quite sometime now.I remember at the time of it's release,being kind of impossible to get my hands on.Not a good match for a semi-lazy 20 something yr. old..I caught about 30 min. of the the film on cable a few days back,my favorite 30 min.(V's television hijacki speech,costume switch..).In light of my (not so) recent comic book/graphic novel obsession,decided it was time to soak it up. I checked out the local library cooperative site,and put a place hold on it.About 3 weeks went by,most of which were split between freaking on Ben Snakepit's "My Life In a Jugular Vein" comic book,and Charles Burns' "BLACK HOLE" comic book (amazing!).One afternoon while doing some gardening,I received the call from the library.My book had finally come in.Needless to say,I rushed over there on my "borrowed" Huffy cruiser and swooped into the parking lot.Without locking up,I did sort of a speedy 'Mall-walk' into the front entrance and made the pick up. When I got home,I went into my room and slammed the door behind me.I was so stoked,I felt this familiar feeling that I had been missing for years now,like the one I got when the first issue of Nintendo Power came in the mail (esp. the one with the giant Zelda map inside..).It's a rare,amazing kind of tingle in yr ears.
By the tenth page I was so involved in this story,that the music playing,rattle-buzz-buzz of the washing machine,and my Mom's daily telephone calamities all seemed to slowly fade into the background.I took to the old news print/funny paper-ish art themes,and clever paneling design immediately.It almost has this nice watercolor charm to it as well.I just love that Alan Moore,too..the writing is very clever and never,ever drags nor loses focus.
I have read over 180 pages thus far,(about 70% over the book) and it is just fanastic.By far my favorite novel,since my last favorite novel.Um..yeeaaah.
So,if yo uare a fan of the film,and if you have seen it then I'm sure you are...(If not,go see asap.)
this book will surely satisfy the comic dork in you.I can't say enough good things about it,really.Just hit up the library and check it out.If they don't carry it,put a place hold on it,or have them order it from Vertigo/DC Comics...tell them it's for an essay contest or something.

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