February 3, 2010


1-Bit Music (2004-2005), a project by composer and artist Tristan Perich, probes the foundations of digital sound.

An electronic circuit is assembled inside a CD case with a headphone jack on the side. The device plays back 40 minutes of low-fi 1-bit electronic music—the lowest possible digital representation of audio. Available now from Cantaloupe Music or as a limited art edition.

Perich works with the same chips to create 1-Bit Video and his machine drawings, pen-on-paper drawings executed by machine that explore randomness and order.


Upcoming shows in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego...
See tristanperich.com for live shows


Regular Edition:

Released by Cantaloupe Music/Bang on a Can. Edition of 1,000.

Artist Edition:

Limited, signed and numbered edition of 1-Bit Music. A silkscreened poster including the schematic, source code and part list accompanies the music-generating box in an edition of 100.


Electronics recorded from 1-Bit Music

Compositions for ensemble with 1-Bit Music

Active Field 10 violins, 10-channel 1-bit electronics
Observations 2 sets of crotales, 6-channel 1-bit electronics
Telescope 2 b. clarinets, 2 b. saxophones, 4-channel 1-bit electronics
Interface string quartet, 4-channel 1-bit electronics

Selected non-electronic compositions

Perhaps bass clarinet, piano
J'ai quand même une tête bizarre violin, clarinet, cello
Duet piano duet
More on www.tristanperich.com...

Build your own Noise Toy with this new kit from electronic noise group the Loud Objects! Plug in your headphones and glitch out, or jack into an amp and play it as an instrument. These kits come with a custom-printed circuit board, a noise generating microchip from their live performances, two buttons for modulating the sound, headphone jack and battery. For the adventurous, the noise toys can be reprogrammed to create your own digital instruments). Required skill: elementary-level soldering.
Order Kit from Make Magazine. Order Toy from Loud Objects.

Loud Objects: Archived Live Performance
... $100.00

These boards are the products of our live performances during which we construct the circuit from scratch on top of an overhead projector. Each live performance board is unique.

: live @ Electric Eclectics Festival-Ontario-August,2008

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