March 30, 2010

DARK AS NIGHT - Double-Cassette Compilation+Mini Booklet (Bathetic)

This excellent 4 -way split features 2 new tracks by oOoOO, S U R V I V E, Terminal Twilight, ans Sleep Over.Comes in a hard case,with an amazing mini booklet full of gloomy images to accompany the aural discomfort.
All of the music on this compilation can be filed under DESPERATE.Each track is unique to it's maker,and most of these introverts just barely scratch the surface of popular song.Black melodies are smothered,resuscitated and then swallowed whole.Completely cavernous and blank.Electronic pulses melt into puddles of nothingness.If music is meant to be a joyous noise,then this is our un-music.KILLER packaging!Check out other Bathetic releases @

Cassette 1 Tracklist
Side A:
1. †
2. oOoOO - Cold
3. SLEEP ∞ OVER - Your World Is Night

Side B:
1. TERMINAL TWILIGHT - The Fire Of Love (Fire Mix)
2. S U R V I V E - Chem Trails

Cassette 2 Tracklist
Side A:
1. oOoOO - NoShore
2. SLEEP ∞ OVER - Come Wander With Me

Side B:
2. S U R V I V E - Omniverse

mini-booklet via wcw&jbh.



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the Dark As Night comp will be reissued very soon. keep yr eyes in the direction of

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