April 3, 2010

TANLINES - Settings EP (True Panther Sounds)

TANLINES is Jesse Cohen of Professor Murder,and Eric Emm of original Don Caballero incarnation.If you are expecting to hear even a shred of influence from either of those bands,you can forget about it.They were both reasonably sturdy acts,especially Don Cab,but this is a totally new venture for these two.Walking into this with no information what-so-ever,I was surprised that I actually enjoyed this.It's not for everyone,but surely worth a listen or three to find out.

With an equal parts both percussive island calypso and mid-80's electronic pop,Settings is nothing short of a Caribbean Cruise theme song.It's sharp,controlled,and pretty atmospheric at times.The vocals are clean and delivered on time.There are a ton of poly synths,shimmery guitars,and drum machines aligned together in total perfection.Not unlike Tom Tom Club,Bow Wow Wow,Talking Heads and even a bit reminiscent of the later XTC albums,this charming six song e.p. is full of syncopated electro beats,steel drums,and funky bass lines that propel the rhythmic guitar and vocals into the foreground.These guys are playing the music they want to like,and they don't seem to give a shit what anyone thinks about it.A breath of very fresh air,I want more.

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