April 29, 2010

Zs - "Acres of Skin" : live from a backyard in Austin,TX.

ZS from TERROREYES.TV on Vimeo.

Brooklyn's avant-jazz-noise-free thinkers,Zs performing "Acres of Skin".The song will be on their upcoming full length "New Slaves" out May 11,via The Social Registry.With some fairly recent lineup changes,Zs now brings us their harsh noisy skronk attack in the form of a 3 piece(guitar,sax,drums).With an additional guitar,and minimal synths/electronics for the stage setting.They have dazzled listeners with their awesome free jazz-prog-chamber-noise epics for over 6 years now,and with each release they show us a completely different vision.No two records are alike.Since "The Hard e.p." they seem to be working toward a more metallic,loosely calculated,and guitar heavy sound than the wild jazz styles they are so well known for.Ditching the sheet music altogether,and working with a very minimal,stripped down arrangement.Their music is precise and razor sharp,robotic and organic at the same time.Have you ever tasted the tip of a battery?Enjoy.

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