May 19, 2010

INDIAN JEWELRY "Totaled" LP/CD (WeAreFree/Monitor)

This Texas act just continues to reinvent themselves with every release in the last few years.Personally, Free Gold! was a bit of a drag,or maybe a little stale for me,and I love this band to death..however,even that album was totally different than it's predecessor -Fake and Cheap.They both seemed to have been released at the same exact time,so maybe they were a bit rushed?Who knows,maybe I need to listen to it again.However,on their latest opus "Totaled",they have totally outdone themselves.Oddly enough,this is how i kind of always wanted them to sound.Focused,slightly damaged,and DARK.They have somehow managed to lay low and avoid the hype machine(ahem..),just popping up on random review sites and indie blogs in the last few years.Much respect to them for that.But with a name like INDIAN JEWELRY,who needs promo shwag?Not here.

Totaled is their most focused and pop-based effort to date.Not to say they've lost their weirdo charm whatsoever,but this batch of songs are definitely more accessible than what you might expect from them,and this IS a good thing.Not generally a band to wear their influences on their sleeve,but you will surely find bits and pieces of Suicide,This Heat,and Chrome floating around this stark and hazy album.Moody post-punk bumps,meshed with no wave tactics and then tucked away beneath hazy fuzz-pop-nod outs..sure.For fans of dark places,uncomfortable positions,awkward silence,sheer terror,drugs,blank stares,cold shoulders,fuzz,and pure ecstasy.A stylish and forward thinker to no end.I hope they do this for a long,long time.

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