June 12, 2010

COCONUTS -"s/t" LP (No Quarter)

New York by way of Australia act Coconuts are making quite a name for themselves since their arrival.Their live shows are said to be too loud,too long,and drenched in so many effects,they are barely coherent.Sound fucking awesome to you too?Thought so.Their new long player for No Quarter proudly glorifies these allegations,just as a more portable medium.Their sound is brave and inventive,as dense and heavy as it is light and airy.Hypnotizing tribal drums are thudding off in the distance,while walls of harsh,yet calculated feedback crumble away as quickly as they are erected.Treated guitar psychedelics whir and crack,sometimes sounding more like steel cables whipping against an oil drum than they do modern instruments.Cave-dwellers are chanting around a fire as a mysterious howl echoes just beneath their hymns.Time and space are of no concern,as they've just created a world to their own liking.Wide open spaces are the key,and Coconuts know how to make use of things that don't exist.Some of this brings the weirder Drum's Not Dead -era Liars repetition to mind,but this is much more damaged and detached from any real structure.Songwriting has no place in their world.They rely solely on instinct,and influence doesn't seem to play any part in their work.This is primitive music that dances on the brain.Make some time for this one,it's worth every minute.Wow.

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