July 11, 2010

FRESH MEAT - "Leather Daddy" 7inch (Fashionable Idiots)

  This is Fresh Meat's second release, following their debut single on the Breathing Problems label.And so here they are, another bad ass band from Allentown,PA oozing it's ugly, venomous, post-hardcore rock and roll spouting from your speakers..at full volume of course.These 3 songs are pretty awesome to say the least.The total re-verb overload they've got going makes this sound like an early 90's Touch and Go, or Reptilian release.It's that good.Sure, there's an almost expected Pissed Jeans and maybe a bit a Damaged era Black Flag vibe, but this is a completely different beast altogether.Lots of styles going on here.
  Leather Daddy is for the most part a mid-tempo banger from front to back.It's got some cool treated guitars and squealing feedback-fuckery that push things is a weirder direction at times, which keeps it from being too bland. And the shouted, raspy vocals are spun out with a really catchy delivery.Placement,man...Most bands of this nature have a tendency to display a lot of mindless screaming, which would NOT work for Fresh Meat.I'm hearing a touch of  early Drunkdriver here and there, not as pissed, but specifically some of the riffs and time changes do hint.
  An impressive 3 songs from these dudes.Not sure what's next for them, but I will be looking out for it.Worth every penny.

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