September 30, 2010

CLOUDLAND CANYON - "Mothlight pt.2 b/w In The Cold" 7inch single (Bathetic)

  The amazing Bathetic Tape Label takes their first plunge into the world of vinyl,with a super solid two song 7" by Cloudland Canyon.It's the first single off their upcoming "Fin Eaves" full length LP due this fall on Holy Mountain.Those of you who are familiar with this incredible two piece,will know that their last two recordings were long,drawn out washes of kraut repetition,deep drones,and sprawling synth swells, and were both equally impressive.After a short hiatus,and some major practice time, they return with this colorful single.

  Side A's Mothlight Pt.2 is a mid-tempo jaunt through a hazy guitar wobble, set atop a thick organ stride and some solid kraut-inspired bass and drum syncopation.Things get moving right off the bat, and the steady tambourine jangle keeps it all loose and melodic right to the end.The vocals are hushed and treated hymns that float somewhere off in the distance,but not too far out of sight.There are so many layers of woozy keys and guitar loops being piled on top of each other at one point,but things never seem to get too blown out,or lost in the process.I played this one about three times before actually flipping the record.It's a nice breath of VERY fresh air,and reminds me of what I dig about kraut-rock pioneers like NEU!, Harmonia,and UFO.I even heard a bit of more modern drone-dudes, like Wooden Shjips here and there.

 Side B offers up a similar tune called In The Cold,and shows us their love for slow,and deep chord progressions and repetitive bass climbs and drops.There's some intriguing guitar work somewhere in the clouds of organs and echoed voices,and when it finally shines through the fog,ends up paying off in a big way.An exciting peek at their upcoming full length.Get yourself a copy,before they are gone forever.

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