November 10, 2010

MAC BLACKOUT "Dont' Let Your Love Die" 7" (Sacred Bones)

  Another killer single from the Sacred Bones label.Mac Blackout is a core member of ultra-dark punk band (and label mates) The Daily Void, as well as an ex-member of the similarly death'd out - Functional Blackouts.Two acts that have, and/or will easily earn the tag "seminal" for sure.Go back and read our piece on Daily Void's recent "Eclipse of 1453".It's pretty solid.
 The work this maniacal genius does under the Mac Blackout moniker, is quite a bit of a departure from his sharp, downer punk roots, indeed.The A-side, and title track "Don't let your love die" pulls out all the stops, and kicks in immediately with some rather scathing and reverberated shrieks, gently laid atop a climbing synth crawl, and sturdy popping machine-drum nostalgia.The vocal trade-off runs throughout the song moving from tortured screams and melting into gentle melodic bliss and back again.The arrangements remind me of an above water, and dryer version of label mate Gary War.This is incredibly catchy and sure to stick in my head for days.
  The flip side is a classic cold-wave downer called "Sometimes". This one rings in with a completely blown out industrial thud reminiscent of early Skinny Puppy and other TVT worship.Thick and heady synthesizers are coupled over the crashing, and calm things down a bit.The lyrics are straight-faced and honest, and delivered with a deeper, more serious tone than the previous track.Blackout hooks onto the synth run for a while and let's things slowly wither away.Both songs are of their own world, and  sound totally different.If you aren't familiar with his work, check out his last full length for sure.This guy is full of ideas, and hopefully he won't be running out of them in this lifetime.

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