November 2, 2010

POP.1280 - "The Grid" 12"EP (Sacred Bones)

  Brooklyn's Pop.1280 have continued to dazzle weirdos (and me) with each awesome release this year.Their debut 7", which was self-released earlier this year, has been flipping sides on my turntable since it came in the mail.A radical mix of dark and ugly post-punk, kinda goth, sleazy rock, and AmRep style heaviness slithers throughout their music, with murky song themes and heaps of witty lyrical abuse.Their recent split 7" with Philly's equally impressive Hot Guts, is no pleasant day by the pool either.Pop.1280 fills their entire side with just a single track.A driving, "Damaged" era nod turned future-punk tune called "Neon Lights".Lyrics may or may not include things like "a thousand tits" and "the perfect hand job".Fantastic.

  These four creep-o cyberpunks return with an incredible and somewhat revamped six song 12"ep, this time for the prolific Sacred Bones label, entitled "The Grid".Easily their most direct and inventive output to date.They are still giving us what we want here, snarling bass dirge, dissonant and sleazy guitar wash, and those insensitive huffs and howls are all there in the foreground.The drum tone has taken a left turn into total industrial clatter.A good move on their part, considering that everything they are playing sounds like it's being played with a metal object.I hear a lot of Pussy Galore's bleak guitar-churning in this new batch of songs, as well as some SPK rattles and early Throbbing Gristle worship, naturally.The first track, "Step Into The Grid" pretty much sets an insanely sharp and gloomy tone for the entire record.A clanging treated cymbal carries a black torch right to the end.Things are obviously a bit different here, yet this is all quite cohesive in musical terms.There's not a single track that feels out of place, or estranged in any way, because every track feels that way.Blank.This is something for outsiders to be thankful for.A place for strange ones, jerks, and ne'erdowells to congregate and celebrate their decay, and it's called The Grid.Wow.

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