December 4, 2010

ROBEDOOR - "Pacific Drift " -7inch (NotNotFun)

  Step out of that light for a bit, and into the shadowy creep-fest that is Robedoor's latest burnt offering."Pacific Drift" is the name of their most recent sacrificial lamb, and it's a total scorcher from front to back.If their amazing "Burners" LP totally skinned your ears alive, as it did mine, then you will absolutely melt your face over this one.Three new jams of slow, sprawling cave-psych, and this one's extra blackened to a crisp.It will grab a hold of you pretty quickly and keep a firm grip on your brain for most of this, until you get to side b, and things begin to melt down into a bubbling gray liquid, and set you free.Harsh low end warbles and a thudding drum hypnosis keep things afloat, and those guitars just keep on piling high.
  This recording is by far their most accessible to date, in that it's clarity is much better than past releases.Some of it reminds me of more recent Psychic Ills' output, but much more blown out. Everything is in it's place, and plows through your speakers and upside your head at a slow and punishing tempo.This may or may not be of the "drug-addled" variety, and we wouldn't have it any other way.They continue to blow my mind with their hazy, purple smoke-filled drones and and somber rhythmic lull, every time.Whatever they are smoking/snorting/ingesting, I will gladly supply them with more of it.Hail.

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Anonymous said...

this band is awesome and this record is my favorite of theirs..Burners is rad too.You heard it yet?