January 20, 2011

GATEKEEPER - "Giza" (Merok)

  The Italo-horror genre is really starting to rise up from it's long time grave, and Gatekeeper is definitely leading the pack, in our opinion.The Chicago act's newest slab of 80's electro-nostalgia is called Giza, and it's quite dazzling.From it's Zombi throwback cover art to it's deep-rooted Detroit Techno nods, everything about this fantastic EP screams early 80's horror flick.Layers of dense synthesizers creep and crawl all over the place, and there is some serious synth-arpeggio action going on, too.Conjuring up the more danceable moments of Cabaret Voltaire and Coil, Gatekeeper keeps things moving with their own haunting version of early Detroit Techno, meshed with more than a little Goblin-esque sound-track worship, respectfully.

  This stuff is starting to pop up all over the place, with similar acts like Salem, Umberto, and Vortex Rikers, just to name a few.But Giza is a giant step ahead of them, with it's ultra-catchy synth hooks, tasteful voice sampling, and an overflow of 1980's b-horror flick nostalgia.It would almost be humorous, if the songs weren't crafted so well.Giza works on a few different levels.Every bit of it is danceable, if that's your thing.It's also quite an interesting and mysterious listen, especially for the analog nerds who dig on "gear".Each time I listen to this, I discover something I'd missed in the previous listen, just like any mildly entertaining horror film would offer.In fact, there is a killer VHS tape out now, filled with a slew ghoulish images set to Giza's music.It's quite entertaining, and worth every penny.

  Gatekeeper are at the top of their game with Giza, and it is sure to please anyone who's into this sort of stuff.We can't get enough of it.See for yourself.Hail.

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