January 28, 2011

JEANS WILDER - "Nice Trash" LP (La Station Radar)

  Andrew Caddick, aka: Jeans Wilder returns from the land of cassettes and 45's, this time with a dazzling new long player entitled Nice Trash.This man is no stranger to breezy melodies, having spent time in the breezy folk-pop outfit Fantastic Majick (with Nathan Williams of WAVVES fame), he's since released a ton of tapes and vinyl on various labels like Night People and Bathetic, and we just can't seem to get enough of him.Nice Trash is a deeply personal affair.Haunted lullabies for teenage ghosts to fall in love to.Somber pop ditties recorded inside of a patch of gray clouds.Every bit of this album shows a completely natural progression for Caddick and his craft, and nothing sounds forced or premature.It's deinitely a bit more "grown up" than previous recordings, on all fronts.Yet it retains a naive and youthful charm.His subtle voice has definitely come a long way, and just floats throughout the songs quite effortlessly, almost as if the polite instrumentation was written around his words, with some of them barely reach a loud whisper.Hushed guitars tiptoe down a shimmery path paved with lightly brushed percussion and low end vibrations, crafting beautiful, yet eerie chords that dance sway in the distance.

  The chemistry that flows between the instruments is quite mesmerizing at times, and Caddick takes advantage of the many open spaces, to create more than a few twists and turns.Small pieces of Nice Trash tend to remind me of more delicate sounds of recent Ducktails output, with those sturdy, lightly strummed guitar melodies and steady, lite-handed drumming right along side of them.Past releases have leaned more toward drifting bedroom recordings and drone music, relying on lengthy synth tones and quiet clicks and thumps, but this new material shows us that Caddick is indeed a great songwriter, singer, and all around talented musician.Nice Trash is deep and honest, a fantastic record that could appeal to anyone who dares to embrace it's audible fear and wonder.A surprise party for longtime fans, and an extended invitation to new ones.Don't miss out on this one.Check out his equally wonderous Relics (Bathetic) cassette, while you're at it.

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