January 19, 2011

ROBEDOOR - "Burners" LP (Not Not Fun)

  Another total scorcher from the ultra-prolific NNF's secret weapon, Robedoor.These three dark horses have been pumping out slow-roasted, black drones for quite a while now, and they don't seem to be showing signs of stopping any time soon.Fingers crossed.This band is painfully overlooked and underestimated, and I think that Burners is the perfect place to pick up on what this brilliant group has been doing for the last 6 years or so.
  Burners begins with a brooding, low-end rumble, somewhere off in the distance. It's brash tone lies somewhere between a broken old organ and treated bass guitar, maybe both.It's not long before the sturdy, slow paced drums come into play, bringing some withering guitar squall and somber chanting along with them.Now it's starting to sound like Robedoor.Things seem move pretty slowly for a while, continuing on with a bit more heavy riffing than you'd expect from them.Tuneful building and crumbling is their thing, and they do it so very well.Bits of this remind me of Pocahaunted's earlier work.They bring some rather distant drones into the mix, phasing in and out at random, and the vocals lie somewhere between blurred moans and ritualistic chants.It's quite haunting.
  The drawn out, dark sound of the keys, coupled with the equally drab guitar drones might bring a bit of John Carpenter's early film scores to mind, and maybe a touch of Claudio Simonetti's Italo-horror soundtracks, as well.But, Robedoor does a good job of steering clear of any obvious comparisons, and sprinkle their own black magic atop a blend of creepo psych-rock and ultra-scorched guitar drone.Burners is the real deal.

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