March 19, 2011

MARIA MINERVA - "Noble Savage" 12"EP (%100 Silk)

  Not Not Fun's stylish new sister label, %100 Silk, drops yet another outsider disco gem into our laps, with a stunning new 12" from Estonian songstress- Maria Minerva.Released around the same time as her equally impressive Tallinn at Dawn cassette on NNF, Noble Savage takes Tallinn's cloudy ghost-ballads, and gently nudges them into a more beat-driven direction.Minerva's angelic voice is more present than ever, and her angelic harmonies come heavily layered, floating above the wash of soft-synths like hundreds of silver bubbles, all flowing in different directions.Her canvas is a vast and sprawling one, the swirls of ethereal analog grooves and swirling electronic washes all flow in one direction, backed by minimal 808 beats, and a sturdy low end bounce.This could fall under the polished (and somewhat overexposed) "Italo" disco sub-genre, if it weren't for it's obvious use of modern effects and treatments, and it's dream-inducing tone.The more recent sass and swagger of Glass Candy is present, as is the hazed-out black magic of Sleep Over, but as things start to progress(and regress), a slight 80's dance element makes it's way through the mist, sounding something like Cocteau Twins playing discarded Chic tunes at half speed.Noble Savage's tracks are solid gold, and dipped into a million undiscovered colors.Minerva lays down her invisible club jams without boring us to death, as some of these "chillwave" acts often do.Her sound is massive and miniature all at once, expanding and recoiling at her leisure.This is her second great release this year, and it's only March.Comes housed in a sexy 12" DJ sleeve, with eye candy by Spencer Longo.Hop on over to the NNF site, and check out the "randoms" section for all the %100 Silk releases.Check out her amazing Tallinn at Dawn cs, as well.

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