March 5, 2011


  Pink Reason aka: Kevin Failure cranks things waaayyyy up on his new EP, Desperate Living.Armed to the teeth with an arsenal of blazing guitars and crushing drum battery, courtesy of a pummeling new backing band, they lash out two new tracks of scathing punk downers.This somewhat revisits the harsh, mid-EPfi sound of the "Borrowed Time" EP, culling from Husker Du's raw inventiveness, Dinosaur Jr.'s muddy riffing, and plenty of Black Flag style fury.Failure belts out his venomous words in a familiar fashion, using multiple layers to fill out his deep and desperate voice.Side A hits hard with straight-forward drum pounding, a thick wall of deafening guitar fuzz and an equally menacing bass line.There's a clever tempo change near the end that sends things into warp-speed, only for a few seconds, and slows down again to pound out the rest of the tune.Side B is no picnic either."Your Girlfriend" quickly kicks up dust, with a smattering of riffs smothered with distortion and howling feedback.The guitars are soon joined by a steady beat and some brash vocal harmonizing, and that wah-drenched guitar jaunt near the end reminds us of what we adore about the powerful simplicity of punk rock.Pink Reason continues to hold their place in underground music with honest and direct releases like this, and their constant shift in genre assures us that like their last, their next release will show us something completely different about them.Highly Recommended.(their entire catalog..)

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