March 10, 2011


  Brooklyn's Silk Flowers return in full bloom, with their second full length, Ltd. Form.Straying away from the ominous, cold-wave blankness of their previous work, Silk Flowers deliver an album's worth of full-bodied synth-pop jams, and pastoral whatever-wave bliss.The album opens with three beat-driven instrumentals, prominently displaying their ability to create rich textures, deep chord structures and some rather impressive sequencing.It's not until the attention-grabbing "Fruit Of The Vine", that the vocals make their first appearance.The song thumps along steadily, with a tuneful chord progression that somewhat resembles Air's "sexy boy".Aviram Cohen's deep, straight-faced vocals sink down beneath the swirling synths, like an ironic, yet appropriate Ian Curtis impression.Although this ancient style of singing can sound dull and rather disinterested, Cohen's range has opened up quite a bit since we last heard him, and his gloomy voice manages finds it's rightful place within the new found complexity of his songs.Album closer, "A Brush Through The Dust" shows the Flowers in full stride, with it's soaring analog pulses and layers of trickling melodies.Cohen's words are loose, yet his lines stick right on point, backed by a staggering beat straight from the Factory Records back catalog.A fresh and tasteful take on a rather overpopulated genre.Recommended.

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