May 5, 2011

UMBERTO - "Freeze!" 7-inch (Not Not Fun)

  Part-time Expo 70 contributor, Matt Hill, returns to his beloved Italo-horror alter-ego, to give us a new seven inch that's heavily laced with nostalgia.Freeze! offers up four new moonlight romps, hot off the crime ridden streets of 1980's Los Angeles.This time around, he's got us dancing to a different genre of film score, as told through the visions of a twenty something beat cop.A wild mannered loose cannon, who plays by his own rules, and gets his man no matter what the risk.Late night jaunts through sleazed out back alleys turn to an all night stakeout, deep within L.A.'s seedy underbelly.The sound of a drug deal gone bad are all over this thing, only to be drowned out by the repeated blasts and squealing tires, from the high speed chase headed this way.Rhythms set to the crude tones of street hustles, prostitution and car theft.These tunes are spot-on, cut from a scene where crime syndicates and dream sequences collide, boombox ready and totally infectious.It's all where it should be.Soaring synth runs topple over mechanized, straight-shooter casio beats.Pounding bass samples and not-piano scales are running shit, making for some serious action flick vibes.Theme song heroes Jan Hammer and Stan Bush will surely come to mind, as well as a healthy amount of worship for Moroder's "The Chase".
   "Put An APB On Those Bastards" kicks things off with a swaggering hi-hat sprint.Before long a funk-less synth bass joins in, and they layers of sharp keys and Midi brass begins to invade your personal space.A perfect tune for questionable post-sundown activities.It's a slow cruise down the strip with the T-tops off, as two undercover cops hang their leather-patched elbows out the window of a rusted old Buick.In the reflection of their smudged aviator shades, two suspicious characters move stolen goods from the back of a truck and into an abandoned Firehouse.It belonged to a group of guys who used to bust ghosts for a living.(see "Illegal Entry With Intent To Zuul").A bit of a turn from the ethereal doom and gloom of his past two releases, but all the more addictive and totally legit.Maybe it will find it's way to cassette sooner or later, as this was made for street corner blasting and midnight crusing.Highly Recommended.

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