January 23, 2010

FLIGHT:Not just a popular 90's Hi-top..

FLIGHT -st 10" on Kill Shaman

This dude is making some KILLER recordings,and deserves a shit-ton of honest recognition,rather than top-ten-list hype..He's also got a hand full of singles on various labels..more info on those soon.

Mississippi’s one-man band Flight is back with his second ever release, a self-titled 10″ EP on Kill Shaman. A perfect medley of 70’s glam, 80’s punk and 60’s psych, Flight applies a fist-pumping lo-fi pop sensibility that is over-distorted, punchy, and punk as fuck. Contains four distinct tracks that completely distinct and kills the inner ear. With the volume turned up to the max, this blown-out and distorted piece of wax will be sure to please any fans of Live Fast Die, Cheap Time, Jesus and Mary Chain and anything else that shreds while maintaining a deeply seeded sense of pop-punk. Think of it as the perfect medium for early 90’s fuzz-gaze and 70’s glam punk.

1. Over My Head
2. My Business
3. Unpredictable
4. Molly, Don’t Fade

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