January 24, 2010


Post-Clockcleaner, and really, post-America action from the outback’s John Sharkey, offering up four songs of heavy, slow Gothic rock. He wrote and recorded this alone, and this phase of the project (two live sets and a lot of talk) is apparently complete. Clockcleaner’s posthumous recordings are outright Goth/death rock, like nothing they’d done before, and this record showcases a refinement of that sound. Likewise, this material is good enough to sustain a departure to wherever he might want to take this next – sung vocals, bass but no guitars, spare but effective use of synths, and live drums provide a sturdy framework for last-call staredowns like “Let’s Make Friends.” Unsettled, stern dark rock bands like the Comsat Angels and Crispy Ambulance factor greatly into this product, one among many in the Great Coldwave Freezeout of 2010, but certainly one of the most memorable. (http://www.fandeathrecords.com)

[MP3] Puerto Rico Flowers - Let's Make Friends

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