February 27, 2010

Zs - "Music Of The Modern White" LP (The Social Registry)

There is so much music being made in so many various forms these days,that I find it hard to actually pay and real attention to a single group or musician for too long.I generally give it a few spins,and not too long after,discs will just end up in a pile somewhere in the backseat of my car or on the floor of my room.Zs are one of the only entities that hold my attention to no end,as of late.I can't say enough good things about these dudes.So I will just stick to telling you what their latest LP sounds like.

Music Of The Modern White
is 23 minutes and 7 second hayride into loud,blistering,heavy,and well calculated avant-free-jazz-noise.Whatever you want to call this beast,it's fucking powerful and precise.Taking a step away from the sharp,clean,prog-jazz epics of the amazing Arms album, M.M.W. takes us into a much darker and more violent territory than you might expect from the trio.It's a full-blown treble attack,also adding a touch of gain in the right places..which is pretty much EVERYWHERE.And this seems to work really well here.

If you listen to this all the way through,you will notice there is a general cohesiveness not heard on other Zs recordings,like the songs have a nice way of fading into and out of each other.Not unlike the Hard e.p.,these songs are less polished and catchy than past releases.Yet they still retain all of the complicated chops and precision that we have come to adore these guys for.By the third track,you have already been over so many bumps,twists and turns that you forget exactly where you started from.

Music Of The Modern White is for the most part a blown out,spattering leap into percussive experimentation.But listen close,and you will find that Zs still know how to take it down a notch(or 10)when they want to.Incredible release.

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