February 26, 2010

THE PINK NOISE - Dream Scape LP (Sacred Bones)

Sacred Bones has been pumping out a shit-ton of great releases over the last few years.I am finding that each one is more unique and out there than the last.Not unlike label-mates Factums and Dead Luke, The Pink Noise whip up some pretty excellent lo-fi pop jams.Dream Scape recalls the kraut melodies of Neu!,and noisy electronic buzz and bleeps that Six Finger Satellite perfected a while back.These dudes are definitely down with Suicide and Chrome,too.
The songs are really cohesive synth-pop jams,with a bit of fuzz and distortion on just about everything they touch,and all but one staying under the four-minute mark.Some of this reminds me of newer Wet Hair recordings,but they know how to write a straight-forward rocker as well.For the most part Dream Scape is a pretty dark record in overall feel.There are some uplifting synth runs here and there,without making it a cutesy electro-pop affair.I'm stoked to see where these fellows are headed next.Absolutely worth looking into.Recorded in 2007.14 songs in 37:14.

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