March 8, 2010

back in rotation - CERBERUS SHOAL - self titled LP (1995)

Cerberus Shoal - s/t LP

One of my first 'hardcore' vinyl purchases/shows.This band was amazing.They had a friend painting a giant mural while they thrashed on stage.It was so new to me..a real epiphany.Dark and pretty,simple and textured.They might have pioneered that quiet spoken/shouting vocal style that was so popular back then.Really solid songwriting for it's time.Fits right in somewhere between your Portraits of Past,Frail,Still Life,and Crownhate Ruin lp's.This changed me for sure.Everntually,they hopped on the neo-folk wagon,and are still playing 25 minute hipster-hippie epics.I'm not way into it.This cd version was reissued in 2004,so it should still be available.Try Northeast Indie,Insound, or Very Distro,etc.
(I'm pretty sure I scored a used copy of the Harriet The Spy "Unfuckwithable" lp at this show..but that is another story.)

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