March 10, 2010


March 12,2010 @ The Ritz (Ybor City)
The Skate Park of Tampa (SPOT) is having their annual bro-down.It's sure to be full of drunk-as-shit skaters,stoners,hipsters,total pussies,has beens,and local dinosaurs.If this thing doesn't result in 25 brawls over who's sporting the doper pair of Dunks,or who's got the raddest kick flip or whatever,then it should be pretty awesome.They usually have a ton of free kegs for your liquid courage,but I'm not sure about that this year,seeing as it's not at the actual park.
Canadian hardcore punk dudes/lady- FUCKED UP are headlining,and are sure to stir things up.Circle pits x 9.They are absolute sweethearts.Say hello to them.
TORCHE are bringing the weed and Sunn amps,in case you are "dry".This band is amazing live.Buy all of their records.FORGETTERS is Blake Schwappenzeitch from your ex-favorite bands Jawbreaker,Jets To Brazil,Thorns of Life,and has members of Gainesville's Against Me! and Bitchin'.I have never heard them,but they are getting a ton of hype in the jaded-old-dude scene.The kids are eating them up big time,too.I'm kind of stoked to see them.
Last but not least TRASH TALK,is also a hardcore-punk band,but I don't know much about them.Sorry for half-assing this.I'm in a hurry.
12 bucks in advance,15 day of show.
Starts @ 8pm.

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