March 27, 2010

THE BETTER TO SEE YOU WITH - s/t LP (Celestial Gang/Atavistic)

The Better To See You With - LP

“…it’s a battle of moaning, shrieked vocals, grinding synth, and drums and guitar that growl and gnash around each other like two alligators wrestling in the shallows. In the end, everything blooms into a great psychedelic tapestry of intelligent brutality.” - Portland Mercury

TBTSYW are terrifying and beautiful at the same time.Tortured howls quickly turn to spirited chants into echoed shreiks and then back again, in the same breath.Singer Tina Fae Knutson's sickly croon pushes and shoves through a crowd of screeching feedback and damaged guitar stabs.Synthesizers crawl in and over these frantic rhythms,and are often unexpectedly serene at times.Things go from heavy to frantic to calm in a split second.This is what they do best.

"Free-Metal" has been thrown around in reference to their live assault,which often ends in broken gear and hanging jaws.They only play once every few months,and like to keep a low profile.If you get the chance to see them live,please DO NOT pass it up.This band will blow you away.Their art is devastating and personal,and they are just getting started.If you are into Made Out of Babies,Daughters,Jarboe,Bloody Panda,Silentist and other dark heavies alike..check this beast out.LP is on Celestial Gang.CD on Atavistic.More,more,more!

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