March 26, 2010

From The Vaults: RED WEDDING -"NAILS" 12 Inch EP (1984)

Red Wedding formed in L.A. around 1981.Nails is their second,and final release,following
the 1982 "Up and Down the Aisle" EP.Stumbling in and around Goth,Glam Rock,and Post-Punk,Red Wedding were a different breed altogether.The cliche of drugs,sex, and rock n' roll were a very real way of life for them.They worked hard and played harder,often burning the candle at both ends.Of course,this fast-paced lifestyle took it's toll on the band.Cursed with low budget recordings and production,as well as other studio complications,they still seemed to bang out some pretty amazing records.Although short lived,they made their presence quite well known in the early 80's L.A. punk scene.Check them out.

From the L.A. Times Music Review section,1984:

"What is Red Wedding?
A psychedelic-glam band? A techno-wave outfit? A hard-rock unit? On its new EP "Nails," the band defies categorization, offering effusively hallucinatory images grounded to a solid rock base, but there is something strangely retrogressive in the mad-professor synthesizer bubblings and Hendrix-like guitar roars. The sound is so hard to get a handle on it's almost perverse."
—Los Angeles Times
November 1984

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