March 6, 2010

COSMETICS - "Black Leather Gloves" mp3 (Captured Tracks)

Cosmetics are a duo from Vancouver.They are a couple.They have an LP coming out on Blank Dogs' run -CAPTURED TRACKS label.They will also be doing some touring with Blank Dogs sooner than later.Black Leather Glove is a nice little introduction to this young band.The synth lines are not unlike Chromatics or newer Glass Candy records,but as polished and crisp.It sounds like they are playing vintage analog synths, opposed to Micro-Korgs and digital Midi programs.There is a nice little arpeggio(nerd alert!) that is pretty uplifting,and keeps this tune from drifting into total doom and gloom.

The 808 drum tone gives it a vintage,early 80's dark-wave feel without shoving it's nostalgia down your throat.There are no overbearing house/dance beats here what-so-ever,which is killing this Nu-dance craze for me personally.Vocally,Cosmetics breathe some pleasantly hushed words that are nicely out of key and off kilter.They sound a bit treated and de-tuned,but none of that over the top auto-tuning bullshit.Overall,Cosmetics don't seem to be a total downer,but it's hard to say from hearing only one track.Whatever you want to call this,I can't wait to see where they take it from here.



Anonymous said...

FYI: in the MP3 linked to the song is purposely played at the wrong speed. 33 not 45 rpm.

Anonymous said...

previous Anoymous--thanks for that info because I was confused-- :0b