March 11, 2010


is a record label owned and operated by John Berry and Michael Mayer (Kompakt Label).They run things out of New York,and have some amazing releases on the horizon.They are calling this "serial killer synth symphonies".Whatever you wanna call it,it's going to be amazing.Their first release being a 12" by Chicago's GATEKEEPER (.This stuff is awesome.Anyone who is familiar with Claudio Simonetti's(Goblin) later soundtrack work,and even the earlier Goblin work (Suspiria, Zombi, etc..) will LOVE this record.Even some of the early John Carpenter work has rubbed off a bit here.I really can't get enough of it.Dark and dazzling.A decade of Italo-Horror Soundtracks in four movements.It's about time this music was resurrected.

's "Optimus Maximus" keeps it creepy with a heap of stingy synth stabs,looming atop solid,danceable beats.Arpeggios are key in this duo's work,keeping the spooky synth runs nicely aligned with the haunting low end bumps.The tracks are for the most part,vocal-free,all but for a few voice samples here and there.There is a shimmery dance vibe that rings throughout these dark tunes,without overdoing the nostalgia.Overall this is a very dark and extremely catchy Italo-disco album,and I want more.NOW.Keep an ear out for Creep,White Car,Antoni Maiovvi,Salem, and a bunch more creepers,soon.More on Fright sooner than later.

GATEKEEPER- "Optimus Maximus" 12" cover

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Anonymous said...

I like this Gate keeper stuff alot.Creeeeeeepy! thanks