March 1, 2010

LITTLE WOMEN - Teeth LP (Sockets)

Little Women are making some of the most dangerous and confrontational avant-jazz music out there right now
.Teeth is a blown out,mind-melting treble attack from the start.The brass instruments are loose and layered,and yet played with intense precision."Teeth" teeters on a fine line between arrangement and anarchy,all the way to the end.Heavy on the free-jazz tip,stacked atop a pile of frantic drum blasts and angular guitar shred.It reminds me of the newer Zs(whom they share members with)recordings,but with more of a raw,brash tone.The hissy production value is mostly high end,barely ever reaching the low end of the spectrum.For Little Women,this is a good thing indeed.4 tracks of controlled chaos.Can't wait to see where they go next.Highly recommended!!


Anonymous said...

I caught Little Women in ny last year with extra life,they blew me away.Tech as shit,man.Love that your up on all tthis weirdo stuff Im getin into.Its hard to find honest words about the music i like.Thanks man

Mr.O said...

I love this band.They have a new record coming out soon,and I'm SEVERELY STOKED.Keep an eye/ear out for it.Subscribe!