March 2, 2010

MOON DUO -'Escape' LP [Woodsist]

Moon Duo are Eric "Ripley" Johnson(of Wooden Shjips fame)and Sanae Yamada.
Escape is their first full length record,with only four tracks in all,the length of these songs make this a proper long player.If you are familiar with these guys,you know exactly what I'm talking about.Moon Duo could easily pass for a rare late 70's Brain Records reissue,or UFO side-project.They are making some seriously great spaced out,droning kraut-rock jams.
At first,I thought this might be a one time Wooden Shjips side-project kind of thing.But they've been putting out records pretty consistently since they formed in 2008.
Taking cue from such classics lie Neu!, Moolah, Ash Ra Temple and UFO.but not so much a carbon copy or crappy tribute act.Moon Duo like to bury deep in the fuzz of layered guitars and synth lines,and this is a good place for them to hide.The songs on Escape are quite lengthy,lots of open space provides room for some nice guitar looping on Johnson's part.The synth bends and twists throughout the fuzz and barely ever sounds flat or stale.Nicely floating atop krauty drum patterns.
Johnson's vocals are hazy and reverb-drenched whispers.They are much clearer here than their previous recordings.More of a clean approach opposed to the dirty echoes on Killing Time.Overall,Escape isn't a drastic departure from their kraut-ish sound.A bit more polished and accessible to new listeners,but still a charming piece of tasteful Art-Rock nostalgia.I'm a fan.

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