March 19, 2010

WETDOG - "Frauhaus" (Angular)

Angular Records is doing some killer releases lately.They've given us Frauhaus ,Wetdog's newest album.If you heard their 2008 debut,then you have an idea of what you are getting into.But the band's wiry post-punk brilliance has severely matured since then.It's quite amazing.This is surely going to be gravely overlooked and unappreciated,especially in the US.So let me tell you a little bit about it.

is likely to be described as something like "the bastard child of The Fall and Slits" or some shit..and it's absolutely true,to some extent.These songs are abrasive,fun,and full of eclectic energies.I am finding more influences in every listen.
Musically,the band reminds me of lost tracks from the Hex Induction Hour sessions,and they kinda bring the earlier Erase Errata albums to mind.Jagged guitars,are scratchy and slightly out of tune,banging out catchy riffs that don't always make sense.The bass rumble keeps it all from falling to pieces,with thick,repetitive lines that walk all over Hammond organ stabs that disappear,just as quickly as they've come into play.The interplay between this rhythm section is really kind of boggling at times.Chemistry.No shit.

The songs on Frauhaus possess a certain charm,that I think most of their current comparisons are lacking.There are some really amazing arrangements here,even if for a second or two.The vocal harmonies are nicely done,and keep the simple two note riffs fresh and interesting.There are plenty of yelps,hoots and howls all over the place,and while urgent shouts fill most of the album,they pull off some awesomely catchy chorus lines out of nowhere quite often.They will switch at the drop of a dime,and they will do it very well.Wetdog have grown into their bodies,and it doesn't at all seem forced or unnatural.

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