April 17, 2010

THE DOOR AND THE WINDOW - 5 track EP (NB Records 1979)

This killer EP is the second released by The Door And The Window, so cheaply recorded and pressed it makes the band’s LP, ‘Detailed Twang’ sound like Mozart on Deutsche Gramophone.No joke,this record is the very definition of lo-fi.Minimalist punk weirdness.Plain and simple.Do yourself a favour and check out all of their other projects,too.Minimalist brilliance.

Initially inspired by the ethos of diy pioneers like the Desperate Bicycles and Scritti Politti, Nag and Bendle played their first gig and recorded their first single quite sometime before they bothered to rehearse as TDTW. Playing with an ever-changing lineup the group became first gradually rhythmic and then melodic. Mark Perry became a third permanent member. Unhappy to remain in one seminal musical ghetto, they inhabited several – playing gigs with post punk and traditional ska bands, loads of free tours with idealist hippies and gradually becoming deeply involved with the London Musicians Collective, they also co-produced a magazine about the politics of record production, hosted the seminal “Jazz Punk Bonanza” Festivals of 1980, ’82 and ’86,and ran the weirdly eclectic Sprouts Conspiracy Cabaret Club.The venue birthed a handful of interesting acts along the way.Nag and Bendle also played in the 49 Americans and the Liberated Sound Octet, Nag played with Mark Perry and Karl Blake in The Reflections and Bendle with The Casual Labourers and the Late Music Group.Also check out The Cat & Bells Club-pre shadow ring- 7".Respect.

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