April 11, 2010

MI AMI - STEAL YOUR FACE -12" (Thrill Jockey)

Mi Ami - Steal Your Face 12"

I always thought Mi Ami knew exactly what they were doing from their very inception.As a huge Black Eyes fan,I was stoked-yet-skeptical on them from the start.That "Some Boys" single still runs through my mind on occasion.That has all changed since the "Watersports" album.My mind is made up with this one..Mi Ami is a different kind of threat altogether.A pleasurable one to say the least.And on Steal Your Face,they have finally grown into themselves.This is confident and dangerous music,there is no telling where it's headed and i like it that way.

Abrasive and blown out from the first note,these six songs show the band going for a more raw and untreated punk approach.Or so it seems at first.There's plenty of Daniel's signature squeaky howls and drugged-out chants in the mix,and his scratchy,fuzzed out riffs are churned out at you non-stop,and quickly morphed into delay-soaked pulses that float atop the rhythms to no end.There are some nice and lazy dubbed-out moments here,with some gentle percussion to drift away on,but for the most part the drums remain solid,pummeling,and right where they need to be at all times.Thick bass lines are the glue to hold this all together,they are worked in nicely and crawl right beneath the awesome treble attack of the rhythm section.Another solid release from start to finish.Brilliant.

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