May 26, 2010

CHILD ABUSE - "Cut and Run" LP/CD (Lovepump United)

Ok,I just read a review of this by some numbskull comparing them to Slayer!?!Actually the quote was something like "Not quite the Slayer of their sound"..WHAT does that even mean?First,Slayer IS the Slayer of their "sound"..Did you listen to more than 2 minutes of this?It's only 29 fucking minutes,dude!Ugh.Stop writing reviews,and stick to bad weed and shredding air guitar to Slayer jams in the mirror,in your skid-marked undies.But no later than 9pm,or Grandma will be pissed.

However,I actually DID hear this all the way through,a few times now.These boys have given us another brain melter of a record.If you are familiar with their past releases,you know the what kind of monster this might be.If you are green to these 3 lunatics,then yer in for a terrifying,yet oddly compelling half hour doom ride.Not unlike their first full-length,this thing scares me to death with each listen.More of that blown out-thrash-jazz treatment,only this time around things are much uglier.If this band is even capable of death,their headstone might read "distort the world" or "fuck you/kill everything"- Cut And Run is chock-full of their patent grinding bass rumble,razor sharp synth- confusion,and insane drumfuckery we've come to love and fear.This is prog-rock for intelligent scumbags,and free-jazz for short attention spans.The vocals come in the form of guttural growling,grunts,moans,and agonizing howls.Six songs of death and dying and much,much worse.For christ's sake,they are called CHILD ABUSE.If you think your favorite band is "brutal" or "tech",these dudes just called you a pussy to your face.Fits nicely along side of your Wolf Eyes ,Burmese, Health ,Lightning Bolt, and Tarantula Hawk albums.Another dirty gem from Lovepump United.

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