May 24, 2010



Seductive Sprigs formed in early 1996,while both playing guitar in the avant-noise-jazz troupe known as Zs.Their love for harmonizing both vocally and guitar based,as well as their years of musical training under their belt seemed to make it almost TOO easy for their own creative outlet to transpire.The Sprigs only played a small handful of shows in their time,and recorded a short cd-r on the Sockets label with a super limited pressing.I've always considered them a charming little secret because of this.Something you tuck away and only share with the 1 or 2 other obsessive nerds you know.This duo was almost impossible to pin,never truly wearing a single influence on their sleeves,it's quite obvious that they were into "doing their own thing".They've been tagged with everything from Baroque-Prog-Pop to Post-Flamenco-Jazz Troupe...but the only way to really grasp what this duo is reaching for,is to listen to their music first hand.Enjoy.

Not unlike some earlier Zs guitar technics,they utilize their precise licks and chops as tools to mock the clever vocal harmonies and tuneful sing-song styling they've adopted.It's rare to hear a sour note in their music,unless of course it is blatantly written that way.The guitars weave in and out of the vocal interplay with ease,and nothing ever seems to be repeated.They must know every scale in the book,and then some.Total perfection on all fronts,without being overly pretentious or cocky.Lyrically,their themes are dark and humorous,but never corny or contrived.They speak of bad friends and being a terrified kid.It's relative.How often can you relate to something both challenging and borderline exhausting?Seductive Sprigs were so fresh and unique,that it pains me to know there won't be any of that amazing anticipation you feel,when you hear of a new release on the horizon.Charlie and Matt left Zs (who's new killer 'New Slaves' just dropped) a few years back,but they stay pretty busy these days.Charlie Looker is the brain behind Extra Life(their 2nd LP- 'Made Flesh' just came out) full time,as well as other projects like Sculptress(with Chuck Stern of Time Of Orchids),Period(with Mike Pride,etc),and a ton of personal compositions and studio works.Matt Hough is also doing lots of solo works,and plays guitar in Wet Ink Ensemble full time.Killer group.All of these acts are worth checking into ASAP.Click the title at the top head over to the band's myspace..You can hear some tunes there.Enjoy!

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Fuckin awesome music!Are they still around?Prolly not..