May 7, 2010

LITTLE WOMEN - "Throat" LP (Aum Fidelity)

Broolyn's Little Women are back with a KILLER new LP entitled "Throat".This group just keeps getting better and better.Not too far off from the "Teeth" album,this one also delivers in a BIG way.There is rarely a second of silence in the world of Little Women.They are constantly taking their precision jazz/no wave/rock whatever to new territories at every turn.An equal blend of controlled chaos and composition,Throat is a bit more mature than Teeth.This can be compared to early Lighting Bolt,DNA,or Flying Luttenbachers,for the sake of reference points...but LW have style all their own.Blending wild jazz elements with treble-soaked guitar shred and a pummeling drum force to boot,this is far beyond the common free-jazz/improv album.I think FREE-EVERYTHING is more suiting.There really isn't one style to pin to this band.Their brass section is tighter than ever,and they seem to be more comfortable playing together here,or playing off of each other rather.Chemsitry,maaaaaaan.Yea.

Throat is a very precise and well planned piece of music.Travis (alto sax) has apparently left Extra Life(also incredible) to do Little Women full time,so you know this isn't some flash in the pan weirdo Brooklyn shit,that won't matter in a month.Little Women are the real deal.The Teeth lp is awesome,too.Check them out.On tour soon.

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