May 5, 2010


This duo consisting of Kelly-Jane (treated flute,other experiences..) and Peter Pascal (drums,percussion and further experiences...)are quickly becoming the U.K.'s most popular free-jazz act.They've released a handful of EP's and LP's in the last 2 years,and their live appearances are beginning to fill venues all over Europe.Although most of their arrangements usually fill up an entire side of an LP,their latest odyssey-Poisson - is made up of three(Poisson 1,2,and 3)lengthy pieces,respectively.

At a glance,this particular record sounds VERY similar to those early Soft Circle jams,and even Black Dice's "Beaches and Canyons" days come to mind,the stuff before Hisham Bharoocha split.I would say that hints of John Cage,Earle Brown and the like linger in their work,and that is not a bad thing.Very minimal and sparse,with jolts of percussive clattering and walls of feedback that kept my attention with this one.A good chunk of this music relies on the treated flute washes and tape delay creating layers of high pitch melodies.Mysterious voice loops,samples,feedback and single-note piano stabs lie beneath it all,and make for dark tone.The percussive rumble gently glides underneath it all,barely touching the surface,but the random bursts of energy surprise will you again and again.Like Popul Vuh,they don't mind letting things ride out into oblivion,while slowly morphing into something completely different by the end of it all.If you like semi-improvised minimalism,check these guys out.Nice stuff.

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