May 31, 2010

Pay attention to NAT BALDWIN.

Nat Baldwin is a talented young songwriter/composer from New York.He plays the Double-Bass(the "stand-up bass" to most..) quite well.Incredible,even.His music is powerful.His voice floats and flutters around the gentle strides of the bow,as his band calmly strums and hums around him.The brass section puffs along to his every move,and gentle,tattering drums accompany him on stage often.This is a joyous noise indeed.A collective noise at times,but he is his own maestro.You may know him as the bass man on recent recordings like Vampire Weekend's "Contra", Department of Eagles "In Ear Park", and Dirty Projectors' last 3 records AND tours.You may also recognize him from last year's split 12" with Extra Life.He's worked with the likes of Jessica Pavone,Phosphorescent,Br'er,and Tiger Saw,too.A busy guy.

Nat Baldwin has been prolific in his studio,touring,and all around output in this decade.He has written at least five full-length albums,two splits,and a handful of comp tracks in the last 7 years as well.His most recent long player,Most Valuable Player(shatter your leaves) is his most personal and focused work,in my opinion.The songs are amazing,catchy pop-soul-jazz tunes that are impossible to forget.I tend to hum them all day after just one listen.A nice document of his talents and obvious love for his instrument,and the music he makes with it.Important stuff.Check him out.

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