June 1, 2010

Summer Crush: DUCKTAILS

Matt Mondanile is a guy in his late 20's who lives in New Jersey.He enjoys the more simple things in life,like constantly touring as lead axe-man for easy-breezy-pop bros Real Estate,and shredding in the psyched-out Predator Vision (you know,that awesome heat sensor mask..).Between the two bands,he is a relatively busy guy,but when he's not in the studio or in the van,he lays low and kicks his shoes off as DUCKTAILS.A brightly colored collage of hazy guitar-waves,breezy synth strides,and subtle drum machines that gently float his cavernous vocals ashore,to just lounge around with hot chicks and cool dudes until sunset.Then things really heat up.Most of his music is instrumental,with a touch of vocal harmonies or loops thrown in here and there.Others,are wailing guitar shredders similar to The Fucking Champs,playing in a small cave with tiny amps.But only for a short break,then it's right back into those hazy beach-jams that stick in your head for days and days.Aural pleasure to-the-max.Headphones are suggested.

In a live setting Ducktails is presented in a more collaborative form,with up to 4-5 members at times.It makes for a heady,fleshed out sound that sparks his lo-fi jams with more depth and presence.Recent players include his talented friends from Real Estate,Woods,Meneguar,Sun Araw, Predator Vision,PAK,Julian Lynch,and other popsters.His latest daydream is called Landscapes, and it's nothing short of a laid back,patient tube-ride down a shady river with your favorite people.A great soundtrack for hot days at the beach,long drives,pool parties,or the more intimate/personal pastime: dubbing it to cassette,and blasting your Walkman wherever you go.I'm going to have to answer "all of the above".Good mood inducing.Ducktails was made for summer fun,and I'm all over it.Enjoy the videos!

Ducktails: 'Beach Point Pleasant' from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.

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