May 22, 2010


Matt Mehlan has been making such a beautiful racket under the SKELETONS (& the "whatever he see's fitting at the time",depending on lineup and form") moniker for quite some time.I have always been a huge fan of his art,and the Skeletons stuff just keeps getting better all the time.Originally a huge cast of musicians in the "Git" era,the band has solidified their lineup to just 4 full-timers now.They've taken a more traditional route to the live setting,with full-time guitars,keys,bass,and drums and the occasional sax on hand.This new lineup has made for new ideas and sounds,and at this point the band seems to be unfuckwithable.They've got this popsoulfreejazzrockprogfolktronicanalism thing down pat.Haha..yea.
"Money" is a great record front to back,and really shows off their ability to write music together in a BIG way.A near perfect album.You'd think these boys have been playing together for 20 years or so.Chemistry,maaaannnnn,chemistryyyyyy...

I am not all exaggerating when I tell you that "Skeletons is one of the most intense and intimate live acts that I've had the honor of seeing.A burst of positive energies,precision, and subtle breaks.It was a room full of big smiles,hanging jaws,and crazy dancing.Very few pretentious dickholes.Always a great feeling.It was somewhere between the Lucas and Money tours I think,and it was absolutely amazing to say the least.If you hear of them coming to your city,don't fuck around..Buy a ticket ASAP,and a few for your buds.They will love you forever.See them do their thing them all.Subscribe!


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