June 10, 2010

EAT SKULL - "Jerusalem Mall" 7inch (Woodsist)

   Jerusalem Mall is sort of a follow up to last year's Sick To Death full length on Siltbreeze.Their first release for New York's Woodsist label.It's short,loose and RAW as ever.I'm pretty sure they may have taken that JAMC-style production route,which is recording completely separate tracks for feedback.If that's the case, it seems to work wonders for Eat Skull,and they know it.Buried beneath these heaps of ringing guitar squelch and distorted rumble,there are some solid pop tunes.What you get are 3 short flashes of sharp and fuzzy riffs,primitive trash can drums,and scuzzy,pessimistic vocals.This reminds me of some ancient Beach Boys practice tape being played on a vintage answering machine,through 20 blown out speakers.In other words,this record is great and I can't wait to hear more.Two tracks were scrapped from the Sick To Death sessions,and one is a brand new Xmas banger.Out now.

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