June 9, 2010

SEX WORKER - "Labor of Love" LP/CD (NotNotFun)


   Sex Worker is Daniel Martin-McCormick.He is also the current front man,guitarist and main visionary behind San Fransisco's dub/percussion attack- Mi Ami,and ex-guitar treatment/vocalist for seminal D.C. band Black Eyes.With his first full-length for this vehicle,McCormick strays from his conventional guitar scratch and rhythmic howls of his other projects,for a more ambient,drone-based art form.His voice is the main element here,soaked in reverb and tape delays to carry his squeaks and squeals as they dance on your brain.The record begins with a tuneful glitch that sounds like some kind of looped synth or midi sample,but it's not long before his unmistakable voice soars high above anything resembling a melody.Things often tend to get violent on this album,when the many layers of vocal chants and possible radar blips collide with low bass rumbles,treated drums machines,synthesizer sines and guitar wobble.This had been described as "future dub",and that description is not too far off base.These are protest songs with ghostly agendas.Lefty anthems with well hidden choruses.The vibes speak for themselves.Sex Worker provides a door to McCormick's mind,a window to his soul,and perhaps a reflective pool to show us how we all connected through music.This is Trance for forward thinkers and punks alike.Finally!This is Labor of Love.

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