June 26, 2010


  After what seems like an eternity,Eric Copeland is back with another sample-fest of twisted psychedelia.It seems that with every release,he strays from the experimental sound collage of his main vehicle, -Black Dice, and pushes for a more accessible, song based approach.Such is the case with his newest single - Doo Doo Run.Two new songs,and some amazing cover art by Eric, as usual.The title track is definitely the weirder of the two.Doo Doo Run is staggering dub dirge,with whirring synths and incoherent slurs that are drowned in a fair amount of tempo tweaking.You can hear the ghost of a vintage dance hall sample trying to push it's way through the haze,but it never quite makes it out.His ability to bind these very styles into a somewhat cohesive product is impressive.
  The b-side takes Copeland's style in a fresh and easily palatable direction.An upbeat and extremely catchy weirdo-pop tune called Fun Dink Death.A bright and danceable drum machine provides the perfect backdrop for his distorted vocals, playful guitar samples,and homemade electronics.It's got some breezy acoustic guitar melodies floating in near the middle of the song,that accompany the laid back vibes perfectly.This is the highlight of the record indeed,and you will probably see remixes of this surface before too long.Another nice little treat from Mr.Copeland.Awesome.

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